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Doesn't function!!!

Good concept but terrible execution. App doesn't function as advertised. Slob function closes the app every time you try to access an entry. Tides function doesn't work either. Text overlaps and makes it unreadable. Don't waste your $5.

Not worth it

This app is not worth the $5. When you select the tides section all the locations overlap so you can't read them to know what to select. Also, a key to offshore fishing is knowing seas, and this app does not provide any information about the seas. Don't buy.

Not as good as advertised

Lot of decent features. Nothing special. Keep searching.

Bad Deal

I think the app is great and very handy to use. I did have one problem initially, but we received prompt attention from the developer. The problem was solved. The app automatically detects your location and makes local information on feeding times, weather and tides quickly available. It is definitely worth the money.

Firstmate review

What a rip-off! I can't believe I paid $14.99 for this app! I thought I would be getting some good info, and there is nothing here I can't get for free elsewhere. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

OK but...(update)

Buggy. Just quits. If it were $5 or less I'd give it more stars but for the price it needs some work. Crashes, cant change dates on tides info - one of those apps that the more you use it....the less you like it and the more you feel stupid and ripped off for paying this much for an app. Better off buying separate tide and moon phase apps.

Still needs work

This app is still buggy, when you change the location to another location, the features do not follow. On startup the default location is null and the barometric pressure screen shuts down the most of the time. I hope a new release comes out soon, this is the most expensive i have every purchased and feel it has great potential.

I feel ripped off

This app does not work off shore. I could not access most of the features even when I had service. I should have saved my $40 and bought a moon/tide booklet. If I was only fishing local ponds I still think this app would not be worth the memory that it takes up. I wish I could get my money back.

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